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Be it for food, medicine, art, leather alternative or simply enjoying the beauty of them, the world of fungi and their many uses and diversity in appearance will surely keep you entertained. I am pleased to have finally gotten this started as it has been something I have wanted to do for years now. I absolutely love mushrooms and teaching is something I really enjoy and have found comes naturally to me. I enjoy the interactions that come along with getting a group together that share a common interest. 


Whether you’re first getting started mushroom foraging or you've been doing this for some time now. I'm confident you will have a good time, learn something new and feel more prepared to forage on your own. It is my goal and my pleasure to provide you with a fun and comprehensive educational experience about the fungus among us and hope that you will leave excited, confident and with the tools you need to forage safely and enjoy the many varieties there are! Mush Love! 

Hello all you fun guys and fun gals! My name is Travis Furlanic. I grew up here on Whidbey Island but have explored many places between here and Santa Cruz, California in search of fungi. Growing up here on Whidbey Island I was always outdoors either in the forest, up a tree or in the ocean. Born to be wild I guess you could say. My dad got me hooked on foraging and spearfishing at a pretty early age. He was always quick to teach me what I could eat along the trail, wilderness skills, how to catch fish, and I have been doing it ever since! 


I have been studying mycology for 15+ years and help teach and identify mushrooms across many online citizen science based platforms and forum groups since 2016 and am considered a trusted source by many. I also give power-point presentations on cultivation, foraging and identification to local organizations and libraries and now lead what I like to call Mushroom Tours!


Mushrooms at the clyde.jpg

Set up outside of my local theater for the showing of Fantastic Fungi. 

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