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Welcome to Whidbey Wild Mushroom Tours! Thanks for stopping by. We strive to facilitate the fundamental learning of a sometimes culturally daunting subject: Mushroom foraging! There are places in the world that have kept this knowledge alive but in North America, it seems to be as hidden as the mushrooms themselves. On this site you will find information about the tour, an introduction to your guide, tour prices, and an inspirational photo gallery to get you pumped about the fungus among us! We are so excited to share our passion for mushrooms with you. We look forward to seeing you on our next tour! 


Had an AMAZING time with Travis on our foraging trip! We were able to find some mushrooms that we will be preparing for dinner tonight. Travis is incredibly informed, it’s almost astounding how much information he knows just off the top of his head. We were able to learn a ton about foliage around this area as well. A huge bonus is Travis’s personality and sense of humor, felt like we were hanging out with a friend the entire time. We HIGHLY recommend this if you’re a nature lover and visiting the area :) ~Daniela C.

Went on a public group tour with Travis and left with a fresh new lens when exploring the PNW forests. Travis is a wonderful, passionate, and informative teacher who is very knowledgeable and experienced with the local grounds. I learned so much in a short time frame and had a blast. I can't recommend this tour enough and look forward to joining another tour in the near future!

~Emily H.

Travis is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about mycology. I have attended many wild foraging classes all across the US and this was by far one of the best. I would recommend this to any aspiring forager or anyone wanting to know more about wild edible mushrooms. ~Terry W.

My wife and I had a private tour with Travis this week. He was absolutely amazing! It was like a PBS show live. He was so professional, fun, and informative. He knows more about mushrooms than I thought possible, yet he explains in a way that anyone can understand. I highly recommend any of his tours if you want to learn how to safely identify and harvest mushrooms in WA state or even on the West coast. ~Craig B.

Travis is very knowledgeable about mushrooms and provides a classroom component and a field experience with each class. He’s clearly an expert, but explains each point and detail so everyone can understand. The focus is on edible mushrooms and those which should be avoided so that you gain skills to have the confidence to go out and pick tasty mushrooms. And, talk about tasty! ~Sue E.

I took a private tour with my husband and almost 2 year old daughter, and each one of us had an amazing time! Travis was incredibly knowledgeable not only about the mushrooms and molds in the local forests, but the other flora and fauna as well and was quick with an answer to every question. We got to learn tricks to do with certain mushrooms that kids would love, and foraged a good amount of edible ones to take home as well by the end of the tour. Would definitely recommend! ~Kayleigh C.

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